metaforms and metanudes etcetera

MetaForms and MetaNudes etcetera, available on iBooks, by author JD SAGE, was written as an art piece to document and address the use of transformations, numbers, symbols, and the element of time in art.

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This eBook III is an extension of the soft covered book MetaForms and MetaNudes etcetera.  It contains two new chapters, Residuals and Time.  It addresses the concept of both symmetry, transymmetry and asymmetry in art and extends the investigation of time and space as it applies to form.  Space and time are explored using both parallel and non parallel mirror theory.  Time is investigated in relation to memory and by using organic and inorganic growth as a measure of time. The degeneration of form over time is also explored. In addition, the automatic generation of art using computer algorithms is briefly considered and the procedures used in making some of the art associated with the book are also included. Twenty-eight Art images by the author and five art images from others are included to support and supplement the theories of both time and space.

“MetaForms” details the use of transformations, numbers and symbols in art using examples of JD Sage’s own art work and by referencing images from the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Renaissance and Modern periods. Sage also describes examples of rock art from his own field studies, including petroglyphs of Paleolithic age from the Côa Valley of northern Portugal as well as petroglyphs of Neolithic age from Helleristningene, Alta, in northern Norway. In addition to compelling historical evidence, the book delves into an ancient concept involving the use of time as a dimension in art. Much as the Cubists compressed space into a single plane, Sage explains, the “Timeist” concept in which time is compressed into a single instant. As an added bonus, the book includes a listing of the computer applications used to create many of the transformations discussed and describes the mathematical representation of these transforms. JD Sage has been involved in art for many decades and maintains a studio in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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