Confessed Thief in 1997 Gustav Klimt Heist Claims Canvas Will Soon Be Returned

The police have new leads in the nearly 20-year-old case. Article by: Sarah Cascone, December 9, 2016   |   Via: Artnet news An unsolved art heist, nearly two decades old, may have a happy ending in sight, reports the BBC. The case is that of Gustav Klimt‘s The Lady, from the collection of the Ricci-Oddi gallery in Piacenza, Italy….

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The Huffington Post | By Katherine Brooks | Posted: 01/27/2015 Some of the world’s most famous artworks are nomadic. They travel from one institution to another, borrowed and lent across museums so that art admirers in continents too far to touch can view them. They are gently packaged and shipped overseas, ushered into temporary homes by…