Confessed Thief in 1997 Gustav Klimt Heist Claims Canvas Will Soon Be Returned

Gustav Klimt, Portrait of a Young Lady, as it would have looked before the artist repainted it as The Lady. Courtesy of the Ricci-Oddi gallery, Piacenza, Italy.

The police have new leads in the nearly 20-year-old case.

Article by: Sarah Cascone, December 9, 2016   |   Via: Artnet news

An unsolved art heist, nearly two decades old, may have a happy ending in sight, reports the BBC. The case is that of Gustav Klimt‘s The Lady, from the collection of the Ricci-Oddi gallery in Piacenza, Italy.

The painting was stolen February 22, 1997, vanishing without a trace while its gilded frame was found abandoned on the institution’s roof. ~ Sara Cascone


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