Spot the Horse

Imaging technology reveals hidden secrets of Dutch Golden Age paintings New algorithm, developed by scientists at the National Gallery of Art, precisely aligns layered images to reveal compositional differences The Dutch Golden Age artist Pieter Jansz Saenredam (1597-1665) had a Medieval tale about a knight, a magical horse, a tyrannical emperor, brotherly love and the…

Confessed Thief in 1997 Gustav Klimt Heist Claims Canvas Will Soon Be Returned

The police have new leads in the nearly 20-year-old case. Article by: Sarah Cascone, December 9, 2016   |   Via: Artnet news An unsolved art heist, nearly two decades old, may have a happy ending in sight, reports the BBC. The case is that of Gustav Klimt‘s The Lady, from the collection of the Ricci-Oddi gallery in Piacenza, Italy….

Splat XI

Artist, JD SAGE. Journal Entry for SPLAT XI. Visuals of creating the piece (steps 2-3), as well as, materials and paint colors used in the artwork. Created in 2014, Prince Edward Island. Materials: Canvas Lyons Black Cotton Canvas/Acrylic Primed 7oz Glue Plywood 3/16 plywood/finished surface

Duel Selves [Selfs]

Homage to Pip. A duotych sandprint on black painted museum board with lettering. A contemporary male nude, symbol from Alta, Norway. Waves. Watercolor, gold leaf, craypas. Krylon black and white spray paint. Original artwork measures 22″ x 28″. Created in 2012 by JD Sage. Record #16-12

Putting Two and Two Together :: Go Figure Closing Talks

Don’t miss “Putting Two & Two Together”, the closing event of our dual show “Go Figure: Art About Mankind and Mind”. WHO: J. D. Sage {my Dad} and Kevin Burns, two artists who are also scientists, will each give a TED-style talk about dual themes of their individual works. Birgit and Luis will serve dual…