SPLAT X :: primals are inherent, not learned

record-10-13-breastsPrimals are inherent, not learned.

Primals are our most common emotions and are often taken for granted.

The sound of waves on a seashore elicits the primal emotion of the heartbeat. Put your hand on your heart and you are part of the image.

The gentle touch of one part of the body to another elicits an emotional transfer, a primal transfer. Try it.

10-13 Splat X: Diptych negative photographic print overlaid with acrylic paint; frameless frame/acrylic sheets. JD SAGE | 17″ x 44″

JD SAGE:I have been exploring “Math Art” over the past 40 years, using mathematical methods to transform and represent images. My Math Art includes: (1) Transformations based on mathematical functions, (2) Progressions formed from numerical sequences, (3) Explorations of compression and reflection in time and space.”


Dedicated to the proposition that …
Art and Science are creative equals.

What is the difference between Science and Art
Not really much when you tear them apart

Art aims to evoke responses, a groove
Science seeks to explain reasons, to improve

Yet towards their two ends Art and Science equate
Because their means are to create, create

As noon and night turn throughout each season
So Seuss might rhyme while Lincoln may reason

The sun and lamp shine when day to dusk falls
For Art and Science are creative equals

And those who see things by these dual headlights
Might fashion themselves to be Art Science Knights

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