lina viktor :: painting with gold

At 27 years old, Lina Viktor is the art world’s cross between M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. As her new solo exhibit kicks off, she talks inspiration, her favorite fashionistas, and all things gold.

“I call this period in my life ‘The Golden Age,’ for obvious reasons,’ 27-year-old Lina Viktor tells Erin Cunnningham, of The Daily Beast, in the home of her first solo exhibit, Chelsea’s Gallery 151. The London native is a painterly mix of singer M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, with a cool persona, soft British accent, and unique style—she’s decked in a black bodysuit, quilted baseball hat, and a vintage Versace fanny pack. But it’s the medium in which she’s chosen to create her art that is the most formidable: 24-karat gold. Utilizing patterns and symbolism in a strictly black, white, and gold palette … continue this article at The Daily Beast

Tell me about some of your pieces—are there any that you’re particularly proud of? I did a piece last year—I’m very into mathematics and geometry—called “The Golden Ratio.” It’s a triptych—so the first piece was at a gallery downtown, and it sold—so I wanted to create variations of that, and each one has 33.3 percent more gold in it. It’s basically a play on Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio and the actual visual representation of the golden ratio, but obviously putting my own spin on it. I think it lends itself to the way I create work, because it’s very geometric and driven by math and divine and sacred geometry…. continue this article at The Daily Beast …

{via The Daily Beast; image source Lina Viktor via The Daily Beast, article by Erin Cunningham, 5.23.14}

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